Majority Rules?

bw kissHe had been told that Japanese girls tend to drag their feet a bit on relationships, but this one…three months and she had moved in with him! He had introduced her to nearly all of his friends without hearing a single word of disapproval. Only her husband really seemed to mind.

This was a real situation in Tokyo circa 2004.


4 thoughts on “Majority Rules?

  1. Anton Rhoden says:

    Are japanese girls like that towards japanese men or to gajins?

    -or their like that in general?

    i asked because many have told me that japanese women are different towards gajins to japanese men.

    • As with western girls, there are all types. Those here in Tokyo tend to be more adventurous. There is also a different notion of marriage here. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Anton Rhoden says:

    when you say a different notion of marriage, what do you mean?

    • Marriage is more pragmatic here and less about “soul mates” and romance. So cheating does not necessarily result in divorce. Both the man and woman often acknowledge and tolerate the other’s need for “adventure”.

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